NVG Reports

We are proud to present the results of the NJ DOT sponsored technical planning study. Based on extensive stakeholder and public input, the study helped define the project, evaluate multiple design concepts and recommend a path forward.

To be aligned with federal and state funding requirements, the study identified three design alternatives. Two Rails to Trails design alternatives and a Rails with Trails option were considered. Stakeholder and community input overwhelmingly preferred the safety and functionality of the separated speed/activities option. A less realistic Rail with Trail option, that would restrict the Greenway use to a fraction of the width, but would not include a needed new rail bed, was also considered and had some support. The NV Greenway Committee feels that the separate speed option most closely aligns with the region’s needs and maximizes user safety. A final decision will not be made until well into the design stage with additional public input and comment cycles.

Please click the links below to access the reports

Technical Planning Assistance FULL REPORT

Technical Planning Assistance SUMMARY