What is The Northern Valley Greenway Project?

Northern Valley greenway Map

The NVG Project wants to convert the unused CSX rail line from the southern border of Tenafly to the northern border of Northvale to a long park with pedestrian paths, bike trails, attractive seating and possible amenities like dog parks, exercise stations, and sculpture displays. This would result in a park just under 8 miles long and about 56 acres.

This line was used for years by a once/week commercial train that delivered to a local business but in the last decade has been unused. At one point the land in Tenafly was being considered for the northern terminus of a light rail system (the Northern Branch Corridor)  but local opposition and marginal demographics resulted in the planned light rail being modified to end in Englewood. Tenafly was dropped from the environmental impact statement and the previously vacant land proposed to be used as a parking garage in tenafly was converted to an assisted living facility.

To build the park

  • the land must be purchased from CSX (federal regulations control the transfer of rails to trails projects),
  • the track removed and capped,
  • the land enhanced to control road crossings and to supply an attractive park atmosphere,
  • provisions made for on-going maintenance.

The six towns of Closter, Cresskill, Demarest, Northvale, Norwood and Tenafly have passed resolutions in support of the project and have formed an inter-municipality committee to look into the plan.